We - A Dedication to September 11, 2001

We are stunned ... we are numb.   We are fixated!
We are oh sooooo sorry ... so sad.   We are looking up ... fearful!
We are oh sooooo confused ... so angry.   We are ready!

We CAN turn this most horrific of tragedies into a triumph of passion, compassion, courage,
and hope.
We can see what determination brings!

We can recall those feelings of awe, watching the brave, the real heroes dig ... and dig, and dig.
We can learn a lesson about humanity!

We can call into question the tired value system that brought us here.
We can participate, contribute!
We can remember ... and hope!

We should ALL ... honor those who perished.
We should ALL ... honor those who are forever changed.
We should ALL ... honor those who are forever digging!

The impetus ... September 11, 2001.
... and rising from the ashes ... voices for change!

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This "Impetus for Change" and "Voices for Change" web site was conceived on Friday September 21, 2001. It was created during the following days, and access to it was made available on Sunday September 30, 2001. Please read the "Letter of Intent" to best understand why this effort is being made. Please contribute and participate. Let us all help and give something back, especially for those in need ... and give thanks for The United States of America! Thanks so much.

A Short History of Voices for Change ... The Structure

On The Future of Voices for Change

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