The History of Voices for Change

On The Future of Voices for Change

With a goal of eliciting the best of voices and good-deed-doers, and helping them and us all to invoke the change we all want and need, I'm seeking and open to listening to and meeting intelligent, thoughtful, kind, resourceful, altruistic and realistic people who care to share their ideas on ways to move this site forward into the new decade.

Just days after 9/11 I created, and have since been in possession of what I believe, even more so today, to be a very powerful domain name ... Voices for Change.

Though I've pondered different approaches to "reinventing the wheel" I have yet to pull it all together. But ... however, a strong notion swirls inside me that there absolutely is an undiscovered, unique idea or structure that would help to fill an important gap, that could very well help to give voice to, and to organize those who want real change.

I could easily sell the domain name outright. I've had inquiries and offers, but that would be too easy, and holds no interest for me. So, if you are a thinker, an activist, a journalist, a programmer or developer, a concept person, have a background and resources in venture capital, or simply have ideas you want to share ... get in touch by writing to me at:

I'm a fair-minded individual more than willing to share the front-end work and back-end rewards with those who are equally as interested, capable and willing to ...

It's time to bring this "dormant" site, first created days after the 9/11 attack, back to life ... for "We The People".

The Future of Voices for Change ... A Short Rant

The History of Voices for Change

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