A Short History of Voices for Change
The Structure

The logo/visuals you're looking at are the original graphics I created for the site.

The original links/sections of the site included:

Dedication - "We, A Dedication", a short piece of prose that led to the creation of the site;
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Wall of Honor - 6 Memorial pages endeavoured to list each and every individual who was missing or perished at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, on American Flight 11, United Flight 175, American Flight 77, and United Flight 93; 3 Honor Rolls pages paid respect to the brave heroes in New York City, Washington DC, Pennsylvania who helped to deal with the immediate aftermath, as well as to the Global heroes whose lives were forever changed; an separate memorial page was also established for each individual and site visitors were allowed to edit the listing for a loved one who perished by supplying text and photographs;

Forums - a fully interactive discussion board that covered the political, practical and humorous;

About This Site - a letter of intent;
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Resources - information on a) Where: Local, Regional, National, and International; b) What: Private, Public and Government Organizations, Agencies, Representatives and Companies; c) Informative: Gain access to, and communicate with government agencies, representatives and elected officials; with public and private legal and social service agencies; d) Empowering: Be better equipped to deal with with social, economic and political issues;

Sponsors, Products & Services - local businesses with resources and good intent to lend services, products and support to those in need.

On The Future of Voices for Change

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