A Short History of Voices for Change
Original Letter of Intent, September 2001

Hello ... and Welcome to Voices for Change,

Born of the tragic events on September 11th, 2001 (in New York City, Washington, DC, rural Pennsylvania), and of the subsequent and on-going events which follow, this "Impetus for Change" web site (and soon thereafter co-titled "Voices for Change") was created to honor those who were killed by the merciless terrorists. To that end it endeavors to give voice, support and information to citizens of the United States, and of the world-at-large, who were profoundly and forever affected by these events.

The Internet provides citizens of the world the ability to communicate with each other, to share ideas and ideals, as well as considered facts and figures ... across local, regional and global borders. Before the events of September 11th, many used the Internet, and specifically its e-mail capabilities, to forward entertaining and lighthearted jokes and visual media ... but the events of September 11th have profoundly changed people, their needs and their voice.

To best honor the day, and those who perished, we need celebrate and flaunt the very principles for which the country was attacked ... freedom and democracy to name only two ... principles for which they and many Americans have died. "Voices for Change" will honor ... and then it will do it's very best to give voice to everyone ... in a fair, democratic, uncensored manner. Only that which is purposefully malicious in intent would face serious editorial considerations. We believe that the era of unabashed "political correctness" is behind us, while a new era of global cooperation and understanding is greeting us. Yes, we are, and should all be free to think, believe and act as we wish. However, this freedom should not compromise "basic common sense"; the "primal" needs and respect of nature, and for humanity. To that end we will endeavor to strike a fair balance, giving voice to all.

In addition to the limitless potential for provocative forum areas, where any subject can be created and discussed, "Voices for Change" will attempt to provide useful, integrated information on and about social, economic, and political issues, and related organizations and agencies. We wish to facilitate access, and to encourage visitors to communicate with their local, regional and national governmental agencies, representatives and elected officials. It is our hope that this web site, it's raison d'etre, it's impetus, it's resources and dialogues, will inspire you, to use your voice, for change.

How you can participate:

"Voices for Change" will be driven by and for those visitors who participate. These same participants will create much of the information provided on the site. The site will grow in a manner directly proportional to the activity, participation and integrity of the visitors. In the Resources and Product and Services areas of the site we encourage our visitors to share vital and substantial information beneficial to their local communities, as well as their global neighbors. Of course the Forum is always available for anyone who feels so inspired.

Please feel free to visit and re-visit this site as often as you wish, to watch it grow, to participate ... democracy, freedom and freedom-of-speech in action. Please feel free to write us with your suggestions for forum topics, web-site features, and to share Resource(s) related information.

With great respect and admiration,
"Voices for Change" - 2bMedia

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