A Short History of Voices for Change

Born totally out of catharsis, and an innate need to contribute in a positive way, the original ("Impetus for Change", and quickly-renamed-to) "Voices for Change" website was conceived of and first launched just days after the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.

It was quite possibly one of the very first live websites dedicated to honoring the people who perished, who were involved in the rescue and ultimate recovery, and then follow-up security, demolition and clearing of that area of downtown Manhattan, NYC. Equally as important was a desire to offer support to those who survive(d), and their families and friends.

The website was successful and remained active for a few years to follow. Keeping abreast of information on a daily basis and incorporating it into the website offered me the "selfish" coping mechanism I sorely needed as I, along with everyone else, was riveted to the news on TV and radio as it became available. Down the road, a deeply gratifying notion arose as I became aware that the very small part I played in offering organized information, and thus some form of support, was useful.

Soon, and since, many other websites with similar intent and far greater "resources" sprouted. The technical support I relied on waned, the research and editorial needs grew, and so the once engaging website with the powerful name eventually sat idle, becoming a far-too-long dormant entity.

A Short History of Voices for Change ... The Structure

On The Future of Voices for Change

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