The History of Voices for Change

On The Future of Voices for Change
A Short Rant

Clearly, with all that's going on both in the United States and throughout the international community, too many people I know, speak with or hear about are angry, are frustrated ... are downright pissed off. It often feels as if we're in need of, on the brink of some sort of global revolution. Many folks, though often impotent about the machinations of "how" and such, are wanting new Voices for Change.

Though I cautiously allowed myself to revel in some measure of hope at the end of 2008, I find myself now, at the end of 2009, feeling like it's simply more of the same. The focus, the issues and dialogue might sound a bit different, but it's the mechanics of how it all goes down, the "power brokers" behind the scenes that haven't changed one iota. The same old "fat-cat" big-business, special-interest-lobbyists totally direct, and thus dictate the whole process. In the U.S. they appear to "OWN" the Senate and Congressional "fat-cats" (on both sides of the aisle) that were elected to office to REPRESENT US, to tend to the interests and needs of "WE THE PEOPLE".

Whether it's the war(s), the health of the world economies, health care reform, global tensions about nuclear weapons, famine, unemployment, corruption in the banking industry, global warming, and on and on ... people have an endless supply of media types and outlets with which to gain knowledge. Many of these commercial and private media websites and blogs allow individuals to share their views on local, national and international topics, but much of it gets lost in the vast universe of the internet.

While researching these various resources online it's become apparent that though there are many, none quite pull it all together. Some represent a particular "spin" machine while purposefully ignoring the myriad of voices that abound and/or offer contrast. Others are dominated by the same "loud" voices that seem to circulate throughout all of the major media outlets while not giving enough voice to unique or lesser known, but quite possibly better resources for theories, ideas and actionable elements.

So, again, if you are a thinker, an activist, a journalist, a programmer or developer, a concept person, have a background and resources in venture capital, or simply have ideas you want to share ... get in touch by writing to me at:

It's time to bring this "dormant" site, first created days after the 9/11 attack, back to life ... for "We The People".

The History of Voices for Change

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