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Raison d'être

b•GR8FL is a subsidiary of Voices For Change; my BIG heart project that rose from the ashes of the events of September 11, 2001.

The stage of life I find myself in today has me facing heretofore unknown challenges. Despite, and most surely because of them, I am revisiting, with newfound energy, a project/idea that I have long held on to; an endeavor that is firmly aligned with my forever heart and spirit.

I feel the urgency of time; and many of the things I was once ambitious about seem less vital to me now. Success is now measured in different ways, with positive, altruistic goals leading the way.

I believe that it is by sharing positive thoughts and ideas we can combat the negativity that mainstream media preaches to believe in, that too often creates insecurity, fear and hate. It is vital to remain informed and involved, but it is more vital to have a healthy balance.

It is my, our b•GR8FL family's hope that the number of collaborators and contributors for this project will grow through the kindness, generosity and love of others who, like us, seek to instigate positive change, to make this world a far better place than it has been and is. Our goal is to sell many diverse designs and products so that we can make many diverse charitable contributions with profits.

The time to start the change is now, is today ... and it begins with peace, love and understanding.

Barry Brothers: Brooklyn, NY artist;
Founder of Voices for Change and b•GR8FL
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